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Athea PC and Laptop repairs, West Limerick, Ireland

Our Number is 087 738 1333, we’re just a phone call away and can usually reach you within a few hours to fix your problem at home or work. If it’s going to be a longer job or you don’t have the time for us to repair onsite we often take the Computer back to the office to fix. Our repair time is always fast, within a day or so for standard repairs, or longer where parts need to be ordered in.

Please note Athea PC do not repair Phones or Tablets.

We’re also on Facebook, you can find us here.

Priority service is available on request to existing customers, if a PC or network needs to be fixed for an urgent deadline, or before you head out away from home.

Serving Home Users, Schools, Not-for-profit organisations and businesses with highly cost-effective repairs, sales, security work & IT consultation in general. We focus on straight talking, common sense solutions that let you get on with the job without the hassle.

PC Virus Removal

If your PC is crashing, acting strangely or browsing the Internet has become difficult your PC may be infected. Our PROVEN cleaning service is affordable, safe and we get your PC back to normal quickly…

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Slow PC or Laptop?

Make time this week to speed up that slow computer! We’ve had over 20 years experience cleaning, configuring and enhancing computers to ensure they perform at their best…

Even a brand new computer can be optimised.

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