Slow PC or Laptop?

We’ve had over 20 years experience cleaning, configuring and enhancing computers to ensure they perform at their best, including older systems and often even brand new machines!

Call today and ask about our Clean & Tune service on offer from only €75.00slow-pc-16

For this your PC will be cleaned inside & out then receive a full tune up of system settings, perfected for any version of Windows. Our €75.00 service ensures you get the most from your existing hardware.

Optionally if your computer is also being bogged down by low memory or other poor hardware components, we’ll bring this to your attention too, and agree on any additional cost required to upgrade your computer’s hardware, showing you the cheapest route to better performance.

 Why do PC’s get slower?

It’s a question we get asked all the time and the easiest way to explain it is to think in terms of a new car…clean with fresh oil and good engine setup. Over time the oil will get sticky, parts wear down and the passenger cabin may fill up with possessions. A wash, service and tune at the garage brings the car back up to top performance.

The PC like all machines needs care and cleaning to keep it running at peek performance, even a blocked fan can drastically reduce a pc’s performance as most systems slow down their processors when excessive heat is detected.

Call us today, we’re here to help you.

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