In a panic?

Urgent repairs by request...

Need us to fix a PC or Network super fast? If things go wrong with your PC just as you need to finish an urgent Deadline for College or Work: Our Priority service can help.

Just call us and request Our Priority Service if a PC, file or network needs to be fixed for an urgent deadline.

Wherever possible we will listen to your problem straight away, discuss and agree a course of action and do everything we can to facilitate a solution to your situation as quickly as possible.

The emphasis here is on fixing or by-passing the issue to meet the deadline. It could be a simple repair on the spot, or the use of a working computer or broadband service to get your job done whilst your own machine is repaired.

PC Help when things go wrong under pressure...

Priority Charges?

Our priority call-out charges are €80 between 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and 11am – 2pm Saturdays.

All other hours are €150 for priority call-out.

Charges includes our first hour of work on the job and our help is subject to availability.

Don’t forget established customers can also arrange for a Remote Administration solution to be put in place, which can often help to reduce the cost of urgent call outs.

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