Broadband problems?

Diagnosis of Internet Issues & Broadband Help

All Internet connections can encounter problems from time to time. When the fault lies with your computer you can rely on our experience to get your PC online again without wrestling with call centres, cables or complex PC settings. It’s important though that first you check with your own broadband provider to check if there is a known fault in your area and to allow them to test your connection using their own diagnostic tools as 9 times out of 10 the fault is usually down to a failed piece of their hardware, a severed cable or storm damage to your providers network and these are things that AtheaPC cannot fix.

Includes Mobile Stick, ADSL Landline, Satellite or Wireless where the fault is not with your Provider’s Network.

If the issue is with your own equipment or network, Athea PC can help troubleshoot the situation, including repairs to data cabling and wireless equipment as well as fixing your computer.

For those people with working broadband, but who are unable to get good wireless coverage around the whole property, we can perform tests and work out an effective solution with the minimum of disruption and keen pricing.

Update: If you’re still finding it hard to get a functional Broadband service for  your Home or Business have a look at the new Wireless Broadband from JK Wireless of Abbeyfeale.

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