PC Virus Removal

Diagnosis and Cleaning of Spyware, Rogue software and Malware

If your PC is crashing, acting strangely or browsing the Internet has become difficult your PC may be infected. Our PROVEN cleaning service is affordable, safe and gets your PC back to normal quickly.

Don’t worry about losing your valuable photographs and documents, we’ve had years of experience and in 99% of cases, anything that was on your PC when you bring it to us for repair, can be recovered.

In fact most of the time we can repair your copy of Windows without having to wipe the drive and start fresh.

Our advice?

The moment you suspect your PC has become infected, disconnect from the internet, and shut down. This reduces the time rogue software has to operate on your machine limiting any damage that can be done. It means there’s less to put right and we can keep your repair bill as low as possible!


When you have the PC repaired with us we make sure everything comes back to you cleaned and fully up to date.

We’ll give you a choice of recommended Internet Security options to help protect your machine in the future, and let you get back online safely and quickly.

Above all Athea PC are affordable, we know there’s a recession on so we keep our pricing low and our service standards high.

Call us today on 087 738 1333 and give us a try.

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