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PC Virus Removal

If your PC is crashing, acting strangely or browsing the Internet has become difficult your PC may be infected. Our PROVEN cleaning service is affordable, safe and we get your PC back to normal quickly…


Slow PC or Laptop?

Make time this week to speed up that slow computer! We’ve had over 20 years experience cleaning, configuring and enhancing computers to ensure they perform at their best…

Even a brand new computer can be optimised.


Windows XP Support Ended

There will be no more Security Updates for Windows XP, Office 2003 or Server 2003 after April 8th 2014. You can learn what this means and consider your options by reading this article…


In a panic?

Need us to fix a PC or Network super fast? If things go wrong with your PC just as you need to finish an urgent Deadline ask for our Priority service. (Charges apply)


Broadband problems?

Internet connections encounter problems from time to time. First you should check by phone to see If the fault is with your Operator’s network. If its not their fault we can help to get your PC online again.

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