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Follow the information below when contacting our professional computer repair, IT and Design team

AtheaPC Autumn – Winter 2020 COVID 19

The risks of spreading COVID19 are higher this Winter, so it’s important that all of us adhere to Government guidance.

Please read and follow the measures below to keep the community and Athea PC safe.

Safety Measures.

  1. If you or a family/staff member is feeling unwell please wait until you are well or test clear before meeting us.
  2. Before handing equipment over to us, you must sanitise the exterior of Laptops or Computers with Anti-Bacterial Wipes, keeping moisture out of ports, connectors or keyboards.
  3. If we visit your home or business, please wear your masks, we will do the same.
  4. Our Hands will be sanitised before and after visits.
  5. We will wipe down all equipment surfaces with Anti-Static Cleaning Foam on completion.
  6. Why not sign up for our Remote Admin service? Ask for more information.

Getting in touch.

  1. Our Public working hours are –  Tuesday – Friday from 10 am until 5 pm
  2. Appointments can be made by Text, Whatsapp as well as by Phone on 087 738 1333 or use our Online Contact Form
  3. Please leave your name, number, EIR Code and a description of your issue, including make and model.
  4. Emergency or Out-of-hours callouts are reserved for existing customers du

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